New York, New York

An extended international event in the city that never sleeps needn’t be a challenge to organise – in fact, our expertise and our helpful network of contacts makes it a seamless experience.

Our client saw this firsthand when they worked with us to host their 2014 Offshore Conference in New York City – the fourteenth consecutive annual conference we have organised for the them. 400 members of the Australian pharmacy community joined together for 11 days of education and leisure activities.

Chairman of the organising committee, Warwick Plunkett, said, ‘I thank and congratulate you on the excellent result I believe was achieved with the provision of our 2014 conference program. Given the large numbers, I think the Impact team did an excellent job on the ground in facilitating a very enjoyable event.’

Creating the program of activities is always the best part of planning an extended itinerary like this.

Breathtaking venues, breathtaking memories

We were able to create impressive and memorable events by letting the venues speak for themselves: the accommodation and conference were staged at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC. It’s a truly breathtaking, iconic hotel.

The Welcome Dinner in the Starlight Roof Ballroom – Waldorf Astoria

Exceptional entertainment

The Welcome Dinner was held at the hotel – in the stunning 1930s art deco Starlight Roof Ballroom. This dazzling venue is known for its famous entertainers in times passed by, including the great Frank Sinatra. To fit with the history and luxury of the location, delegates were entertained by a classic big band performance.

The Bootleggers Ball at Gotham Hall

Another evening showcased the ‘Bootleggers Ball’ – held in the massive Gotham Hall, just off Times Square. Guests were transported to the Golden Age of jazz – welcomed with a red carpet entry and exotic cocktails, dressed to the nines in their flapper and gangster best.

The Bootleggers Ball, in the magnificent Gotham Hall

Wow-factor events – without the wow-factor price tag

A small budget doesn’t dissuade us – it makes us think outside the box for experiences that wow conference-goers nonetheless.

These two events were able to impress the conference delegates who funded their own attendance. The luxury of these historic and iconic venues gave the classic New York experience with a sense of grandeur and elegance. The perception was of lavish expense and no guest could have suspected the value for money that we negotiated with the suppliers to achieve such dazzling results.

The remarkable Gotham Hall impressed delegates

400 people and 8,000 kilograms of luggage

Between the 400 delegates of the conference, there was approximately 8,000 kilograms of luggage to handle. Thankfully, we have mastered managing the travel of both people and luggage to a fine art – it really is second nature to us.

When planning the post-conference cruise from Boston to Quebec City, we couldn’t let the limited number of direct commuter flights between Quebec City and NYC change our itinerary. Instead of adapting the schedule to match the few existing flights, we were able to charter an aircraft for the delegates instead. This was a timesaving and cost-effective decision, thanks to the great deal we secured through our network of suppliers.

If you’re trying to organise a conference or tour – at home or abroad – get in touch to see how we can help create an amazing event for you prix viagra ou.