Never a dull moment in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of those fabulous places with so much to offer, that there’s always something to please everyone – no matter what their tastes. Less ‘touristy’ than Thailand, Bali and parts of Malaysia, Vietnam is a true delight to visit, as a group of Australia’s leading flooring retailers discovered on an incentive when we showed them just some of what this fascinating country has to offer acheter viagra 20mg.

In fact, choosing what to include on the itinerary is one of the biggest challenges of planning a program like this – there’s so much to do, and only a limited time to do it!
That said, our experience and our connections helped us show our 60 achievers a fantastic range of Vietnam’s varied and interesting offerings.


When in Rome…

Ho Chi Minh City is known for its bustling streets; full of motorbikes and Vespas… so of course, that’s the way the guests saw the city! We arranged for nearly 70 Vespa motorbikes and drivers to whisk our group off for a tour around the city. There really is no better way to experience the organised chaos of HCMC’s streets than to be right in the middle of it.

Plan B is A-OK!

A regular feature of our itineraries is to include a surprise event for guests. This really worked out for the best on this trip, when our planned overnight cruise on Ha Long Bay was cut short due to major storm warnings and government-enforced returns to land.
We asked the ship’s chefs to lead an impromptu cooking class on deck, entertaining the guests while we got to work coordinating Plan B. Everyone loved the hands-on experience of preparing one of Vietnam’s greatest exports ̶ its food!

React, Respond, Relax

We knew we’d have to utilise our networks to arrange 30 last-minute rooms in Ha Long City, especially when every other cruise-goer would frantically be trying to do the same. Not only were we successful, we also managed to coordinate accommodation at Novotel Ha Long Bay, the best hotel in this small town.

Guests relaxed in the hotel bar while we ironed out the last details of dinner and rooms – blissfully unaware that these were not the original plans for the evening.
Although it was disappointing to us that we couldn’t deliver the original itinerary, our calm manner, quick thinking and our professional networks in Ha Long made for a seamless (and just as enjoyable) experience for the guests.

See what Vietnam has to offer

Get in touch today to plan your event, and relax knowing that your guests will enjoy themselves, no matter what unforseen circumstances arise!