Customer Loyalty Insights from a Recent Event

Our CEO Mike Tuzee recently attended a client event run by Darrell Hardidge, a colleague of Mike’s in the CEO Institute.

The name of the event, ‘The practice of being unstoppable’ said it all. The event uncovered some of the new strategies top companies are using to win loyalty from customers and dominate their markets. Darrell has over two decades’ worth of experience in helping teams create what he terms ‘extreme customer loyalty’ and we’ve tried to implement a lot of these strategies into our own offering and the experiences we create for Impact Events clients.

Business lessons from swimming the English Channel

The event audience heard from Chloe McCardel who had a goal to swim the English Channel, not once but 3 times in a single swim. Astonishingly she is now aiming to swim 4 crossings! The adversity, hurdles and challenges she faced to achieve this feat made for an inspiring story of resilience and offered great insights for the business people in the room to reflect on.

Chloe spoke about both the physical and mindset components of her epic swimming feat. She’s passionate about living outside of her comfort zone and finding the gold in moments of failure. Her message of seeking opportunities for growth and learning was echoed by Darrell’s presentation.

Measuring client appreciation

Darrell himself is author of The Ten Commandments of Client Appreciation. His company Saguity is a leading expert in Customer Experience and offers some valuable metrics in measuring customer satisfaction.

We learned from case studies of Saguity customers who have used this measurement and feedback system and achieved outstanding results in customer satisfaction.

The enormous benefits of increased sales and reduced costs that flowed to these organisations made for some compelling stories on how companies can benefit from truly listening to what their customers have to say.

Darrell organises similar information days regularly and they are well worth attending. You can keep up to date with Saguity events via their Eventbrite page.