How Tech Trends are Changing Events

How Tech Trends are Changing Events


Imagine engaging in conversations, polls, competitions and more with your conference attendees – all before the conference has even started. This is what’s now happening thanks to the rise of events technology and apps.

The events industry is adopting some exciting tech trends and gamification that’s set to change the face of corporate events and incentive trips. We’ve been closely following as these trends become popularised and refined to great effect. Through clever gamification and engaging features, smart events tech can add to an all-round improved events experience and smoother event operations.

Here’s how a successful events gamification design might look.

Pre-event activity from your smartphone

Those of us who love travelling to conferences and events know that the anticipation is often as exciting as the event itself. That’s where the ability to engage with other attendees, learn about the conference and get familiar with the program can be of great benefit.

Often a private social network is created specifically for the event. Just like a Facebook group but on a customised platform, this network will give participants the ability to make introductions, post pictures, short videos and comments privately within the network.

Conference managers can choose to incorporate sponsor advertising and news items to keep attendees engaged and informed from the very beginning of their event or conference journey.

Innovating the conference check-in

A positive check-in and conference start is key to engaging a large group of delegates. Events tech and Internet of Things is now making the process smoother and more enjoyable.

Bluetooth beacons are deployed at the entrance of any venue, syncing with smart phones and tablets allowing delegates to check into the conference instantly on arrival. Instead of navigating queues, they’re now free to explore, mingle and prepare for the event.

Name badges are then automatically printed and they receive a personalised instant message notifying them to pick it up and welcoming them to the event.

Essential event information, agendas, schedules and important details are listed in the app, putting everything that conference delegates need to know instantly accessible from their phones.

Gamification and ‘goals’ for conference delegates

A tech buzzword and trend across a wide range of industries, gamification in events is all about building attendee engagement, activities, games, quests and goals to enhance the overall experience.

Using a smartphone or tablet app, your attendees can set and achieve customisable ‘goals’ for the duration of the conference. These goals may be personal, learning or networking related.

Through meeting their goals, the attendee will earn points, win prizes or even be able to purchase gifts.

Goals can be achieved by connecting with other attendees or exhibitors, by participating thoughtfully in the private social network, answering trivia questions, checking into sessions and functions, or even finding hidden objects in mystery locations! If this all sounds like too much fun for a typical conference, you’re right. But gamification is shaking up this industry and the results in engagement and experience speak for themselves.

Entertainment that engages

Prize draws are conducted live with names instantly beamed onto the conference stage screen, creating a sense of excitement and ensuring integrity in the prize draw. Through watching their points accumulate throughout the conference, attendees are easily motivated to stay engaged and build their ‘score’.

An attendee’s points can be used to purchase gifts, products or even a coffee and snack from the venue café. This gives a fabulous and tangible incentive to earning points at every stage of the conference.

Social interaction and face-to-face networking go hand in hand, especially during a live event. Attendees’ comments, images, videos and conversations all contribute to the energy and “buzz” at an event.

Instant feedback and data

The beauty of the events tech trends gaining traction is that in addition to enhancing the conference and event experience, they provide valuable data to the event organisers.

During and immediately following an event, organisers can access insights and data related to a number of important event metrics. They’ll get statistics on how engaged the audience was, the attainment of goals and where parts of the conference could be altered or improved.

Impact Events has access to all of this technology and more. The brilliant news is that these apps and technologies can be rolled out at minimal cost for your next event or conference. Get in touch with us on (03) 9535 3600 to find out about designing your event tech solution and a demonstration of how it can work.