Poland – Send them to the Salt Mines

This might not sound a likely gala dinner venue, but the Wieliczka Salt Mines located in a spa town just outside Krakow, Poland, are bound to surprise and amaze your event attendees.

For our client event, our group thought they were simply being taken on a tour of the Salt Mines prior to dinner. These mines are a major tourist attraction and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The tour is extensive and at each turn you’ll be amazed, underground lakes, grottoes, even a cathedral as well as a spectacular sound and light display.

After being blown away by these amazing sights, imagine the surprise when you enter an elegant underground cavern set for a three course banquet. Even the chandeliers are made from salt crystals!

Krakow is a real gem and can be compared to cities like Prague. The old town is completely walled as you step back in time with the jewel in the crown being the 40,000 sq metre Main Square, the largest medieval square in Europe dating back to the 13th century.

Combined with Warsaw which is an amazing city full of contrasts and an excellent culinary scene, this makes for an excellent conference or incentive destination.

Bonus – Zloty’s not Euros. Poland has stuck to its original currency, the Zloty, and not adopted the Euro, so it is an excellent value for money destination.

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