Teambuilding with Music and Jetfighters

Are you looking for new or novel ideas for your next team building activity?   Here are a couple of options that we have come across recently that are worthy of  consideration.

Sir Richard Branson describes SongDivision as “a great company connecting employees and customers using the power of music”.   SongDivision develop creative solutions to help you communicate your message and entertain your audience, through the power and magic of music. They can offer a number of different programs that can be tailored to your needs.

Fighter pilots operate in some of the most rapidly changing, complex and hostile environments on Earth, yet they consistently excel in achieving planned outcomes. They are also particularly adept at maintaining clear focus on objectives in the midst of complexity. This is a learned skill too, that relies on simple and repeatable processes to get things done, but unlike their other skills it requires no special talent acheter viagra gratuit.   Afterburner Australia & New Zealand is a team of fighter pilots who are passionate about helping business learn and apply the same techniques to achieve mission success that worked for them in their air force careers.

This might be an incongruous mix of ideas, but it just goes to show that there are many different ways to get your teams to collaborate, communicate and bond to achieve those lofty goals you are aiming for.  For more information contact Mike on 03 9535 3600.