The World’s Most Geologically Active Island Destination is…?

In the last post we extolled the virtues of Queenstown as an exciting incentive or conference destination, so you might think we’re referring to New Zealand when we talk about the world’s most geologically active island?


We are talking about the other side of the planet – Iceland!

Iceland is a great place to consider for an incentive reward or conference when you have been everywhere else in the world and you’re looking for something completely different.

About one third larger than Tasmania, Iceland sits mid-Atlantic where the tectonic plates of the Americas and Europe collide, making it the most geologically and volcanically active island on earth.  It is home to some 30 active volcanoes.

Cruising is an ideal way to see the incredible sights of this sparsely populated island. Our group of approximately 60 participants cruised aboard Ponant Cruises “Le Boreal”, an intimate and luxury vessel accommodating approximately 250 passengers. Being a French cruise line, as one would expect, the food, wine and hospitality on board were excellent.

In June, the sun barely dips below the horizon well after midnight providing a short twilight before rising again an hour or two later. Photographers will love it as you have the most perfect light conditions and the clearest skies imaginable. The dramatic landscapes with geysers, glaciers, waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, lush green pastures and arid deserts are quite breathtaking

It’s not as hard to get to as you might imagine, with regular daily flights from London plus all the Scandinavian capitals. Groups can be booked on board cruise ships and a full ship charter is a great option for larger groups. To find out more contact Mike on 03 9535 3600 or mobile 0438 73 2366.