Where is the Aussie Dollar still worth a Dollar ?

Exporters might be happy but overseas travel budgets and travellers are being stretched by the lamentable value of the Australian Dollar.

Hey it’s not all doom and gloom and there are still some great destinations where the embattled Aussie is still buying excellent value.

South Africa is probably the stand-out where our Dollar is buying 25% more than 12 months ago!!! While hotel rates aren’t bargain basement, you get some of the best lodgings on Earth. The bonus is eating, drinking, staging and entertainment are unbelievable value.

Canada, where CAD and AUD are at parity. It also has outstanding hotels, beautiful Vancouver, the Canadian Rockies and of course the French influence in Montreal and Quebec City. A great North American experience where a Dollar is still worth a Dollar.

Poland and Croatia, not yet having adopted the Euro are still outstanding value as are some of the other former East bloc countries like the Czech Republic and Hungary. Let’s hope they stay out of the Euro.

Croatia’s spectacular coast and photogenic coastal ports like Dubrovnik need no introduction. Less well known in the Australian market is Poland, where the city of Krakow is an absolute medieval gem and Warsaw a delightful and spacious city with a magnificent old town, rebuilt stone by stone after near total destruction in WW2.

New Zealand being closer to home, the NZ Dollar tends to track our own and with its lakes, mountains, great wine and gastronomic experiences means you don’t have to go half way around the world to experience all these things.

Thailand where the Thai Baht means is 4% less than 12 months ago still provides world class hotels, shopping and attractions is very attractively priced.

Bali of course has some of the world’s best resorts, ancient Hindu culture, outstanding cuisine and some hotels prepared to negotiate rates in AUD.

Berlin is one of Europe’s most exciting cities to visit and an outstanding destination for conferences and incentives. In spite of being in Germany and Euro based expenses, it still represents value for money and is a bargain compared with the likes of Paris and London. So even in Europe you can still find value for money destinations.

Taking the glass is half full approach, there are always worse currencies than ours and still plenty of opportunities to host your conference or incentive trip offshore and still get great bang for your buck.