Why you should add team building activities to your next conference

4 reasons you should add team building activities to your next conference or incentive trip

Conferences and incentive trips offer so many commercial and cultural advantages to a modern organisation. We’ve seen their impact first-hand with our clients who invest in them. Though learning and professional development might be the driving force for your conferences and incentives, don’t overlook the culture and team building opportunities.

Consider these four benefits.

1. It’s dedicated time away from the workplace

Conferences can be a brilliant opportunity to build stronger links, trust and communication within your team. How often do you collectively gather as a group outside of the time constraints and agenda of the working day? For many of us, it’s a rare event.

Whether it’s a resort, a new city, an ‘escape room’ experience or just a new modern events centre, the dynamics within the team will likely shift in a new space.

2. A neutral environment can break down barriers

A change of scenery can do wonders for your team building efforts. Getting out of the office environment can help strip away any lingering tensions or hierarchical patterns within the team, encouraging a more open discussion and rapport.

A study into teamwork in organisations found that about 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important”, yet only 27% of employees feel confident about their communication at work. This suggests that there’s a significant communication skills gap. Team building activities are often designed to address this deficiency through enjoyable team activities that don’t feel like work.

In a fresh space with no ‘history’, team members can be encouraged to relate as peers and collaborators.

Of course, this needs to be supported through expert facilitation and organisation. Only through working with professional team building facilitators and events staff will you get the true benefits of your change of scene team activities.

3. Team building offers a fun reprieve from speakers and workshops

If you’re a regular events and conference attendee, you’ll be aware of how easy it can be to ‘switch off’ when speakers and presentations extend into hours. The human brain has a finite attention span when it comes to absorbing a lot of new information.

Engaging keynote speakers with dynamic presentation skills can help. But even better is designing your conference and incentive trip days to have plenty of breaks and activities.

4. It’s an enjoyable way to explore your conference or trip location

Budgeting time and resources for the perfect destination conference can be a tough feat. But through integrating team activities ‘on location’ with the other conference and event formalities, you’ll find extra value and enjoyment for attendees.

It’s a shame to gather in a new place or city without getting the chance to explore at least some of the sites. So for your next trip make sure you get out of the conference centre and create team experiences that will make a lasting impact. The activities can be as adventurous or relaxed as you need them to be.

We spend a third of our lives at work so it makes sense that for some of us, our team becomes akin to a family. By investing in team building at conferences and events, your organisation can show its commitment to fostering strong team relationships.

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